Who Am I?

My name is Denise Fennell…boring! Everyone calls me Red and now after a few years of trials and tribulations I am Chef Red.

I am proud to say I am culinary trained and opened my own business, Quality Cuisine -a Personal Chef Service, soon thereafter. During the last few years I’ve had some wonderful experiences. I got to cook at the 2007 Academy Awards, I won the Readers Choice Award for best Chef, I was invited to cook at the Canne’s Film Festival and I’ve had some amazing clients who have challenged every fiber of my being.

One thing is known, ask me about a food, a techinque, an idea and I can talk for hours. I love being that go to person that everyone knows they can ask me their food questions.

So send me your questions and let me answer them here, then everyone gets to learn. How fun is that?

By the way… did I mention I am obessed with my red boots?