Let’s get to know each other..

Hello my fellow culinarians. Whether you’re experienced, new, like to just dabble or a kitchen voyeur. Then I hope my blog is for you. My other blog is about my experiences in the culinary world.

But here I hope to instruct. Every chef has something they are good at. Yet every chef is constantly learning, inspired, thrilled, challenged and tenacious. Just like all cooks – be they newly trained, considering school, the busy mom, the dabbler foodie it doesn’t matter. We are all drawn together for the same thing.

My slogan – Food Creates the Memories that Feed Us means so much to me. So much so, I had it tattooed on my arm. Everything we do in life comes back to food. Think about it. I came from a generation where we had chicken on Mondays’s (fried or baked) taco’s on Tuesdays, fried hamburger patties on Wednesdays, pork chops cooked in Betty Crocker’s scalloped potatoes on Thursdays, spaghetti on Fridays (no fish here mom hated it) faithfully.  Weekends were reserved for BBQ.

But the memories instilled are still strong today. But food goes so much farther, get a promotion – go out for dinner, boyfriend break up with you – eat the quart of chocolate ice cream, new baby – casseroles from all neighbors. Everything is associated with food. Think of when you’re sad or happy, what is your comfort food? Interesting..we all have a comfort food(s).

It’s like when you walk back into a first grade classroom, you are instantly taken back in your mind to sitting at those desks and the smell of chalk and glue.

I hope to help you create new memories that you will take with you through your life and perhaps pass on to others.