Fresh Veggies!

So here’s the thing. You need to eat vegetables! There is no negotiating this folks it is a necessity for our digestive tract. But so many do not or they get by with those awful drinks that tout the phrase “…a full serving of vegetables in every glass…” However they did not tell you that by drinking your “full serving” you are also taking in ZERO fiber and 26 grams of sugar (about 2 tablespoons).  The vegetables they include are basically 2 – carrots and sweet potatoes.

Now if you ate your carrots you would have gotten 1.7grams in fiber and eating sweet potatoes would have given you 4 grams. The purpose of vegetables is the vitamins and minerals they provide, however, the other pivotal item is fiber!

“I don’t like vegetables they’re mushy….they don’t taste good” Then you’re preparing them wrong. Now by wrong I don’t mean to say you’re not cooking them correctly, but rather you’re not cooking them to your palate. For instance – I do not care for fruit so when vegetables are prepared in a manner that they taste sweet I won’t eat them. I do not like cannied yams, brown sugar & butter carrots, nor do I like my vegetables with a lot of sauce of them like hollandaise.

Think about the flavors you enjoy and adapt what you like to how you prepare them.

I was very fortunate when a co-worker walked in and asked if I would like some home grown carrots. I eagerly agreed and he gave me a big bag of these beauties, the longest of which was only about 2 inches.

I then cut the tops off and scraped the skins off. Normally these small things have skin that is tender enough to eat. But a few needed the peeling so I wanted consistency in all. They were then sorted by thickness. The thicker ones went into the pot of boiling water (be sure to salt your water) for about 3 minutes. Remove them and put them into a bowl of icewater to stop the cooking process. The thinner ones were cooked about 2 minutes. This is called Blanching. Don’t let them sit in the icewater too long. You don’t want them cold just down to room temp.

Next heat up a skillet with about 1tsp of olive oil and 2 tsp of butter. Add the carrots, salt and pepper.

This will take about 2 minutes to heat them through. You will then have a plate of veggies so tender and so flavorful you’ll never drink those over sugared, fiber deficient drinks again!