Fresh Veggies!

So here’s the thing. You need to eat vegetables! There is no negotiating this folks it is a necessity for our digestive tract. But so many do not or they get by with… Continue reading

Tomatillos…they are not green tomatoes.

They are related to the nightshade family of tomatoes. That being said they have a wonderful texture and flavor. Some grocery stores don’t carry them so you may have to make a trip… Continue reading

Let’s clean out the fridge and make something yummy.

This weekend was cold, wet and rainy. Not conducive do to doing much other than A – house cleaning, B – laundry and C – Cooking. Well since the C matched up so… Continue reading

Mirepoix (Mir-pwah)

Ah the essential of all that is good. Basically what it translates to is carrots, celery and onion.  A 2 to 1 ratio is traditional, but if you’re like me a few extra… Continue reading

Boeuf Bourguignon

Bonjour!! (And herein ends my use of the French language) So had some company come over (more of that story on my other blog) so I decided to make Julia Childs boeuf bourguignon.… Continue reading

Let’s get to know each other…

Hello my fellow culinarians. Whether you’re experienced, new, like to just dabble or a kitchen voyeur. Then I hope my blog is for you. My other blog is about my experiences in the… Continue reading

Living on $10 a day…

Look at the word PUT-A-NES-CA. It looks like its dripping with sex. It’s the Southern Italian taste combination of tomatoes, garlic, hot chili, capers, black olives and parmesan scrapings.